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Experience 100% painfree dental treatment using Acupressure & Nitrous Oxide sedation. Immediate loading dental implants,
A good percentage of the population are afraid of undergoing dental treatments due to the pain associated with it. They are willing to suffer the pain from the disease rather than endure pain during the              more
single visit root canal treatment & 1hr tooth whitening are our expertise. This is an initiative of Dr Feminath BDS, MDS a post graduate in Endodontics, conservative and cosmetic dentistry from Government dental college Trivandrum in the year 2002.

The only clinic in the whole world where combination of acupressure and nitrous oxide sedation is used to make dental treatment 100% painfree
We practice immediate loading dental implants
1 hr zoom advanced tooth whitening made cheaper by altering the technique without compromising on the result
Single visit root canal treatment
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laser tooth whitening for just 200$, 130euro....
Dr Feminath wins honours for his innovative painless technique with accupressure....
The astonishingly reasonable prices of expert dental procedures have made Kerala a hit among the medical tourists....
  It is often and natural for the doctor to come in contact with patient saliva and / or blood during dental treatment. During treatment the doctor uses his gloved hands to adjust the lamp and use operating devices making these areas teem with micro organisms, thereby leading to contamination... more
Replacement of Front Tooth Before and After
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Pain free injection using Accupressure
Patient explaining his experience after injection
Dental Handbook
Root Canal Treatment (RCT):
This is a procedure by which the nerve ends of a decayed tooth is desensitized/severed, while retaining the tooth...
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