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The modern building that houses the speciality clinic has all modern facilities conforming to international standards. Some of the prominent ones are:

Endodontic Apex Locator

Helps to identify the apex of the tooth, inturn helps the accuracy of root canal treatment

Zoom Advanced Tooth Whitening System

Zoom Advanced Tooth Whitening is the most effective whitening procedure available in the market. It is safe, effective,very fast and causes less sensitivity.

Intra Oral Camera

Real time video capture of tooth images valuable adjunct in patient education and motivation.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Cleansing solution with 4% chlorhexidine removes resistant debris, residual cement, resin from metallic instruments and impression trays.

Ultraviolet Cabinet

Display cabinet - To store sterilized instruments - Instruments will be stabilized in the sterile phase by Ultra Violet light inside.

Light Emitting Diode

Provides accurate curing of composite resin restorations.


Performs a wide range of cosmetic, crown and bridge procedure.performs hygiene soft tissue procedure. and bridge procedures.

RVG Suniray

Digital X-ray .it drastically reduces exposure to harmful x-ray radiations.

Digital Autoclave

Fool proof sterilization of metallic instruments & cotton. Digital monitoring of sterilization and drying cycle.

Glass Bead Sterilizer

Most efficient chair side sterilization equipment for root canal files and reamers.

As these cutting edge technologies are available at the clinic, it is much more convenient for the patients who don’t have to seek out a lab which has these facilities, and then consult the dentist again. All the services are available at reasonable costs.

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