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We carry out tooth whitening in 2 ways

  • In office tooth whitening procedure
  • Take home tooth whitening kit

In office tooth whitening procedure

We use 2 system

  • 1hr zoom advanced tooth whitening system This is the most effective system. We have modified the technique from what the manufacturer has instructed there by making it cheaper without compromising on the result
  • 2hr visible light activated system This technique was developed by us. It is cheaper than zoom but not as effective as zoom

Take home whitening system A tray is custom made to fit your teeth. A whitening gel is given which you have to apply every day for one hour till you achieve satisfactory whitening


Dental implants are used to replace an extracted ,missing tooth or to stabilize a loosely fitting denture. It used to be a lengthy procedure spanning months to years after removal of tooth. Some times it require complex procedures like bone grafting, sinus lift and nerve lateralising , which is often unpredictable, for creating bone for implants.

But we complete the entire procedure in short span using basal implants which can take up chewing load immediately. patient is given temporary tooth the next day and permanent in few weeks time in 90% of the cases. There is no need for other supporting procedure for creating bone.


There are several reason why we follow single visit root canal treatment. A few are enumerated here

  • Previously multiple visit root canal treatment was done to obtain a negative bacterial culture from the root canals before it was completed
  • Researches have proved that there is no statistically significant difference in the out come of the treatment done with and without culture
  • The focus came to sealing the portal of entry and exit of micro organism in the root canal there by organism inside the canal die devoid of nutrition
  • In multiple visit reentry into the root canal in every visit will impair the healing process which started in the previous visit. similar to a surgical procedure done in multiple visit
  • In multiple visit a cotton pellet socked in formacresol is placed into the canal It is a formaldehyde containing chemical which can cause cancer which is banned by FDA food & drug administration in United states

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