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Dental Tourism

By Admin Time October 7, 2017 Comments 0

Cost of dental implants in our centre will be 70% less compared to what you will pay in Europe, Australia, Thailand or America.

Comparison of prices of single implant

USA – 4000$
Canada – 4000$
Thailand – 2, 00,000 Baht
Our centre – 1000$

The treatment cost will reduced with increasing number of implants (full mouth implant involving 18 implant will cost you only 700$ per implant)

Enjoy a beach side vacation for 10 days along with implant treatment

Our travel agent will take care of your visa and hotel booking

Average cost during offseason (varies depending on season)

Thailand – 2, 00,000 Baht
Air fare from USA – 1600$
Room rent for 2 star accommodation for 10 days – 800$
Cost of one implant – 1000$
Total cost – 3400$

Advantage: You have a vacation coupled with implant treatment



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Dr. Feminath

Dr. Feminath

He is a postgraduate in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics from Govt. Dental College, Trivandrum. He has expertise in smile designing and cosmetic dentistry. He has successfully performed more than 60,000 single visit root canal treatments and pioneered the art of acupressure technique which makes even the painful injections go unnoticed. He has several published papers to his credit. He is currently Assistant Professor in Sree Sankara Dental College, Trivandrum.

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