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Enjoy an exotic vacation while you receive a new smile….

Quality Dentistry Need not be Expensive

Dental treatments can be expensive due to several reasons. But this need not be the reason why you should skip important check-ups. You can count on us. We offer world-class dental treatment a fraction of the cost at your country. There are many pluses too when you come to us. A 100% assured pain-free experience is just one of these.

Dental tourism
Dental Tourism

We Welcome You!

We help you combine world-class dental treatment with exciting leisure options. High-quality dental care at affordable rates along with the opportunity to have fun is what you get.  Now do away with long wait times or the hassles of a dental appointment in your country. We offer you the best of dental treatment that is 100% assuredly pain-free, best prices and faster completions. Got questions? Call us. 

Kerala is often spoken about as God’s Own Country, which speaks volumes about the scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage that its people possess. We are eager to share it with you. And what you get is the best of both worlds. Totally smooth dental treatment, brand new smiles and a great vacation. 

Dental Tourism in Kerala

Tourist destinations such as Trivandrum and Varkala in Kerala, India, has seen exponential growth in recent times due to an increase in the number of foreign visitors who seek quality dental care in addition to an exciting vacation.

dental tourism kerala

The factors that draw visitors to these two places in India are the beautiful and hilly terrain complete with sunny, green beaches and thick forests with wildlife, waterfalls, river streams and cool backwaters, vast lakes with cosy houseboats, lush coffee and tea plantations and a rich history and culture.

The other factors are the availability of top-notch dentists fully equipped with the latest know-how and tools to provide the best dental services exceeding that of the developed world.

Dr Feminath
the specialists

Dr Feminath’s Ananthapuri Dental Clinic

We are located in Trivandrum, the southern most point of Kerala, and its capital city. Bordered by beautiful beaches such as Kovalam and Varkala towards the West and enchanting forests towards the East, the city also boasts of exquisite resorts and homestays and a cuisine that is gentle and flavourful for the western palate. The budget suits all pockets.

The clinic is headed by the master of pain-free dentistry, Dr Feminath G who is a PG and Gold medallist in Endodontics from the Government Dental College, Trivandrum. He also is an expert Implantologist who specializes in Cortico Basal Implantology from the Implant Foundation, Munich, Germany.

100% Pain-free Dentistry

Dr Feminath has innovated a method of administering pain-free treatment to all his patients. He does this by the practical application of Gate Control, Tissue Distraction and 2 Point Discrimination theories. Till today he has successfully completed close to a lakh (100,000) cases of root canal treatment, many of which were failed treatments from other clinicians. His method of basal implantology is also completely pain-free.

Implant Treatment in 3-4 Days (Fixed Teeth with Crown)

Patients can fly down and get their implants done along with crowns in 3-4 days. These treatment methods can be carried out even in zero bone cases, at less than half the cost at home (U.S/ U.K). 

The surgery does not involve opening of gums and is practically bloodless. It is also 100% pain-free. The best part is that the patient does not have to wait for the crown or come back after a few months as there is no delay involved as compared to traditional implants. They save not only on the cost of the treatment, but also on the travel.

How to Meet us

An appointment at our office is simple to make. You do not have to wait for weeks or months. Patients can contact the clinic any time via an agent, phone, chat, social media or e-mail to discuss their concerns and schedule an appointment.

Our Services & USP

We offer 100% assured pain-free dental treatment. Yes not even the shots are felt. Also, get dental implants the same day with crowns in another 2 days. Do not travel back for the crowns as there is no need to wait. We also provide single visit root canal treatments and treatment for failed and painful cases. 


All treatments are offered after complete prior consent being taken. Failures are a rare occurrence. Everything is explained to the patient prior to treatment. Follow-up of the case is carried out using tele or video consultation.

Single sitting root canal treatment
3-4 days Fixed Teeth (Dental Implants)
Crowns, Bridges & Dentures
Cosmetic Dentistry
Gum treatments
Surgical Treatments
Children's Dental Treatments
Preventive Dentistry

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We invite you to visit us at our clinic and enjoy the stunning beauty of the state while receiving world-class dental care. You may fly in, have the treatment done and enjoy an exotic vacation in the land of coconut palms and backwaters for the price of a single dental surgery overseas. It doesn’t get any better than this!

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