Why should you go for Immediate Loading Dental Implants?

Dental implants have revolutionized the field of restorative dentistry, providing patients with an effective and long-lasting solution to missing teeth. Traditional dental implants, while highly effective, require a lengthy treatment process that can take several months to complete. However, with the advent of immediate loading dental implants, patients can now enjoy the benefits of dental implants without the delays typically associated with traditional implants.

Immediate loading dental implants, also known as cortico-basal implants, allow for the placement of implants in a single visit. The crowns take a couple of days more and the entire process is completed in just 3-4 days. This is in contrast to traditional implants that require a multi-stage process taking several months to complete. In traditional implant procedures, the implant is placed in the jawbone and allowed to integrate with the surrounding bone tissue for many months before the final restoration can be attached. This waiting period is necessary to ensure that the implant is fully integrated with the bone, providing a stable foundation for the final restoration.

However, immediate loading dental implants eliminate this waiting period, allowing for the placement of a temporary restoration immediately after implant placement. This is possible because of advancements in implant design and materials, which allow for greater stability and integration with the surrounding bone tissue. Immediate loading dental implants can be used to replace single teeth or multiple teeth, and they can even be used to support full-mouth restorations.

Another benefit of immediate loading dental implants is their ability to preserve bone tissue. Traditional dental implants require a waiting period for osseointegration, during which the implant integrates with the surrounding bone tissue. However, during this waiting period, the bone tissue can begin to deteriorate, leading to a loss of bone density and a weaker foundation for the final restoration. Immediate loading dental implants, on the other hand, help to preserve bone tissue by providing immediate stimulation to the surrounding bone. This stimulation helps to maintain bone density and promote healthy bone growth, providing a strong and stable foundation for the final restoration.

Immediate functioning dental implants have an ability to address cases of significant bone loss, which is perhaps a very important benefit of such implants. Traditional dental implants may not be an option for patients with significant bone loss, as the implant requires sufficient bone tissue to provide a stable foundation for the final restoration. However, immediate loading dental implants using cortical implantology can be used in such cases to anchor the implant to the cortical bone, which is denser and less likely to deteriorate. This allows for a more stable implant placement and a successful outcome, even in cases where traditional implants may not be an option.

In conclusion, immediate loading dental implants offer the least time for finding solution to missing teeth, providing patients with a fully restored smile in 3-4 days. With the absence of delays in completing the implant process and the ability to address cases of significant bone loss, immediate loading dental implants are an increasingly popular choice for patients seeking restoration using dental implants.

If you’re interested in learning more about immediate loading dental implants or other restorative dentistry options, be sure to speak with us today to determine the best treatment plan for your unique needs. Read about some of our successful cases here.

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