100% Assured Pain-Free Dentistry

Never shy away from dental visits again. No pain is a promise.

Having once undergone root canal treatment himself, Dr Feminath felt deeply concerned about the accompanying discomfort or pain and resultant anxiety associated with this mode of conservative dentistry. People would simply put up with decayed teeth rather than visit a dentist for treatment. He then decided to develop an innovative technique that could render dental treatments 100% pain-free. It took him a good 6 years to finally develop the technique, which is based on the practical application of 3 scientific principles or theories.

Watch Pain-Free Injection on Young Patient

Gate Control Theory

It was through trial and error that Dr Feminath discovered pressure points existing inside the mouth, which when stimulated, results in a pain-free experience for the patient. This method makes even the most painful oral injection (palatal injection) go totally unnoticed

2-Point Discrimination Theory

The brain is unable to distinguish between two closely located points in the human body. Therefore, if one point is stimulated by touch, it will inhibit painful stimulus from the adjacent spot from reaching the brain.

Tissue Distraction Theory

There will be severe pain while delivering the anesthetic solution in the palatal tissue because this area is very thick. Dr Feminath has developed a technique of vibration that will ensure a 100% pain-free experience for even painful palatal injections.

The type of pain-free dentistry we promise does not involve costly equipment or instruments add to your dental treatment costs. The technique developed by Dr Feminath is solely dependent on the application of the above 3 principles or theories, and will not increase your treatment expenses. The technique has to be experienced rather than spoken about.