We Create Beautiful Smiles

It is known that cosmetic dentistry can greatly improve self-image, self-esteem and the self-confidence of patients. Read how we re-align tooth considering facial harmony

Most humans are concerned about physical appearance and are highly conscious of the size, proportion and position of teeth while smiling.

There are ample instances where people are not confident enough in public because they are not happy about exposing misaligned teeth. However, this is a problem that can be easily rectified by experts who care about dentofacial alignments and correction.

By incorporating the art and science of cosmetic dentistry into our treatment process, we are able to achieve excellent results on a consistent basis.

The patient’s facial features play a prominent role in achieving a customized smile makeover with appropriate individualized tooth positions. We make it a point to study the patient’s face, an approach that can be help us plan new individual tooth positions for achieving excellent results. The idea is to create a balanced, harmonious effect on the patient’s face.

We Customize the aesthetic demand of front crown using optical illusion created by the best aesthetic dentist in Trivandrum. However, sometimes due to a given situation it will be difficult to give pleasing aesthetic results.

For example:

  1. The space available for replacement of tooth is too large. Replacement using a broad crown to fill the gap will result in a poor appearance because the adjacent teeth might be smaller in comparison.
  2. The given space is too small for replacement of teeth but the adjacent teeth are big. In this situation, if smaller teeth are provided, the aesthetic will be compromised as you will have a small tooth between adjacent larger teeth.

Dental lab technicians may not competent enough to solve this issue without expert guidance. However, we have a skilled team of professionals capable of developing innovative techniques to solve such challenges. We rely on the theory of optical illusion to provide aesthetically pleasing results to the patient. This sort of intervention is provided at every step of the treatment till the right result is achieved.

2 different scenarios


When the given space for crown placement is large, but the adjacent teeth are smaller: Make the crown more convex, so that the light reflected back will be less and gives a sense of smaller sized crown.

Scenario 1


When the given space for crown placement is small, but the adjacent tooth is bigger in size. The solution here is to give a flat surface whereby more surface area is present to reflect light, giving the appearance of a larger tooth.

Scenario 2